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Afro Hair Transplant

Afro hair transplant in turkeyHair loss is something we all worry about. Owing to the hair transplant procedure, the problem of hair loss has permanent solutions. Type of the hair is one of the biggest factors.

What is Afro Hair Transplant Operation?

Afro hair transplant operations has a significant difference than Caucasian and Asian hair transplant cases. The difference comes from the characteristic of the hair.

Even though same technique is used is afro hair transplants case, the operation should be analysed, planned and performed very carefully by the experienced hair transplant doctors. 

What is the difference in Afro Hair Transplant?

Afra hair is generally characterised by tight curls and grows almost parallel to the scalp. This hair type has the slowest growth rate, 0.9 centimetres per month, because of its spiral structure that causes it to curl upon itself during growth.

The curl of afro hair is not only in outer appearance, it also in the inner tissues as well that means grafts that are used in hair transplant is curly too. Curly grafts take more space than straight hairs on the recipient area. This allows wide coverage area with less graft transplanting.

Due to the nature of the afro hair, hair follicles damage rates are high and the operation may be less effective if the procedure is carried out with the straight hair transplant technique.

Considering these things, performing hair transplant in afro characteristics hairs differs from the straight hair transplant. It is really important that the operation carry out by the surgeon who has experience and knowledge in the complex case like afro hair transplant..

Which is the best technique for Afro Hair Transplant?

Nowadays, FUE is the latest and most preferred technique in hair transplant. The situation is the same with Afro hair transplant as well. There is no different or special technique for afro hair transplant cases.

FUE hair transplant is the technique that is using in afro hair transplantation.

Sometimes different materials may be required to use such as thick needles because thin needles are not suitable for transplanting curly grafts.

How do Afro Hair Transplant Turkey Booking Procedure Complete?

Here at SurgeryTR, we offer high quality, affordable afro hair transplant in Turkey. Our packages include the treatment itself, PRP Therapy, medications, shampoo, lotion, 5-star hotel accommodation and personal patient host assistance service.

Your afro hair transplant journey starts with an initial consultation is made by over the phone to receive the necessary information (including your head pictures) from your side and understand your concerns. 

After experienced hair transplant team has assessed your pictures, you will be informed about full treatment details and quotation. The only thing you need to do is booking your place and come to Turkey.

When you arrive in Turkey for your treatment, SurgeryTR team accompanies during your whole journey from the beginning until the end. Your personal patient host will meet with you at the airport and will be helping you with all the steps. 

After you fly back home, aftercare team will stay in touch with you to follow-up healing process and make sure hair transplant operation succeeds.