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Hair Implant: Treatment of Baldness

Treatment of baldness in Turkey

Hair loss is one of the biggest problems in the world at the moment. The reason of hair loss could stem from lots of things such as age, genotype, hormonal changes, medical conditions, medications, supplement, stress and so on. However treatment of baldness is very easy in Turkey with hair implant.

Is FUE Hair Transplant effective for treatment of baldness?

There are many ways to treat baldness. One of them is FUE hair transplant which is regarded as the best hair loss treatment. FUE hair transplant stands for Follicular Unit Extraction which is the most common treatment right now. Follicular Unit Extraction removes as follicular unit and transfers to the donor area. Another common treatment is hair loss therapy which is PRP Stem Cell Therapy. PRP Stem Cell Therapy aims to swift recovery and raise the thickness and regrow the transplanted hair.

Turkey is very popular country regarding hair transplant so that one of the most searched phrase is hair implants Turkey. When it comes to hair transplant treatment, people think about mostly male. Although many male patients are used as before and after pictures, the number of female patients are really high. As mentioned above, female hair transplant is widespread and they are very good candidates regarding thickness of their hair. Mostly, women are complaining about their frontal hair line or thinness of hair. 

Many foreign female hair transplant patients prefer to have hair transplant surgery in Turkey. As well as hair transplant for men, there are very much requests as hair transplant for female in Turkey. Female hair treatment are done in a same way as male hair treatment. The results are usually very successful and satisfied for female patients as well. Women all around the world choose Surgery TR hair transplant clinic and the rate of their satisfaction is really high.

Why you should choose Surgery TR for Hair Transplant?

Surgery TR offers you the maximum grafts for an individual treatment. The individual treatments are determined by the most experienced and well-qualified doctors. The maximum grafts depends on type of hair you have,  size of transplant site, thickness of hair and hair color. Surgery TR is one of the most successful clinic regarding Istanbul hair transplant female. There are a number of female patients who left satisfied and happy from Surgery TR Clinic. You can find on Surgery TR’s website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube) female hair loss treatment reviews.

In addition to this, Surgery TR provides patients coming from all around the world an affordable and high quality FUE hair transplant operations in Turkey. Our clinics in Istanbul and Izmir have very affordable prices and well-equipped compared to many european countries. We have the latest technology, well-equipped and sterilized operating rooms. Surgery TR is warmly welcoming all patients and ready to help and make people happy and satisfied.