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Breast Enlargement

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There are many ways to get bigger breasts for women. Breast enlargement with Breast Implants in Turkey is one of the most popular treatments in the world for women who is willing to improve their appearance and self confidence. Surgery TR doctors offers affordable breast enlargement operation in Istanbul or Izmir, Turkey.

Women who would like to enhance the volume of their breast, prefer breast implants operation for long term satisfaction. In order to get breast augmentation operation in Turkey, patients are suggested to stay around 4 nights and the result of the breast implants operation last around 10-15 years depending on the age, weight and hormonal changes of the person.

Surgery TR doctors use FDA approved breast implants in Turkey. They usually prefer Mentor brand implants for breast augmentation in Turkey which have lifetime guarantee and one of the best breast implants in the world.

Surgery TR offers the best breast enlargement surgeons in Turkey

Surgery TR choose the best breast surgeons for breast implants operations in Izmir and Istanbul to work with in order to get the highest patient satisfaction. The operations are done by best expert doctors in breast operations who have highest rates on patient satisfaction.

If you are looking for improving your appearance with breast augmentation operation, Surgery TR is the right place to get it done with experienced doctors, accredited hospitals, all inclusive packages and cheap prices for breast implants in Turkey. You may get in touch with the professional team now and get your free quote!

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Breast Enlargement Surgery in Turkey Medical Travel Package includes,

• Breast Enlargement (FDA Approved Implants)
• Initial medication and necessary tests in the hospital
• All Your transfers (Airport-Hotel-Airportwith VIP Car and additional transfer expenses to reach Doctor’s meeting for check-ups)
• Round Trip Flight Ticket
• Hotel Accommodation (4 nights, single room in a 5-star hotel)
• Hospital Accommodation (1 night)
• Special Bra
• Lab analysis
• Doctor Examination
• Check-ups
• English Speaking Patient Assistant

All you need to do is:

Send your related breast pictures for assessment
Get your customized treatment plan and package offer
Book your ticket and fly!

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    How many hours does it take?

    Operation takes around 3-4 hours

  • 2

    Is it performed local or general anesthesia?

    Breast Enlargement operation is performed under general anesthesia

  • 3

    How many days should I stay at hospital?

    One night of stay at hospital is required after Breast Implants Surgery

  • 4

    Are there any risk after Breast Enlargement operation?

    Possible risks and side effects are unfavorable scarring, bleeding, infection, poor healing, blood clots, pain and rapture. Thanks to our experienced doctors these risks are generally is under the control.

  • 5

    When will I recover? Is result permanent?

    Recovery starts in 1-2 weeks, completes in 1 month. Results last around ten years depending on the change of weight, pregnancy, age

What kind of implants used in breast enlargement surgery?

Surgery TR doctors use Mentor Brand implants which are approved by FDA (American Federal Drug Administration).

Can I choose shape and size of my implants?

Surgery TR doctors will advise the best shape and size for your body type. You will get to decide and choose the best option together with your doctor before your surgery.

Will I have any pain or scars?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia so you will not feel any pain during operation. The incision is placed under armpits, breast or around your nipples which will leave no visible scars.

Is there any guarantee?

Surgery TR doctors use only FDA approved implants which have life time guarantee.

What is breast augmentation?

It is a surgical procedure in which implants, fat or fillers can also be used to achieve a more proportional body and breast in patients with small breasts that are not proportional to the size of the breast.

What is the average cost of fat transfer to breasts (breast augmentation)?

The average cost for fat transfer to breasts operation depends on the areas of liposuction.