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FUE hair transplant: Before and after results that will make you amazed

Fue hair transplant in turkeyWhat meaning do people usually attach to the word “beauty”? A pretty face, fit body, and legs for days? Leave those arguments behind!

At Surgery TR, we believe that being beautiful primarily means being healthy. As a top-rated medical facility, we promote the values of natural beauty by helping our clients improve their appearances and achieve stunning looks. Here we specialize in the latest hair transplantation techniques, harnessing follicular unit extraction, and bringing the impressive FUE  hair transplant surgery results to you.

At Surgery TR, we make use of an individual approach to every patient and aim to deliver the best solution to your problem. Our doctors are top experts in the field of plastic surgery and hair transplantation who have helped hundreds of people so far.

On this page, you can find scores of photos showing the results of our hair transplant in Turkey – before and after the procedure. Admit it: the difference is beyond impressive!

Let us achieve the spectacular FUE hair transplant results for you

The hair transplantation procedure at Surgery TR includes:

Step 1: Free consultation
To make sure FUE hair transplantation is the right way for you, we need to carry out a preliminary assessment of your balding patterns. Please take pictures of the back, sides, and the bald regions of your head and send them to for a free consultation. After the assessment, we will get back to you and offer the package and services tailored specifically for you.

Step 2: Preparation
Before transplanting hair follicles, we will anesthetize donor areas – the back and side of your head. Then we will isolate grafts with a hollow needle to place them at the recipient site. After the removal, we will make sure that they are in good condition so that you get exactly what you want in the FUE surgery results.

Step 3: Transplantation

At this stage, we will prepare the receiving area for the transplantation of grafts. Keep in mind that implanted hair may fall out within 2 weeks after the procedure, and this is completely natural. However, in 3 to 4 months, you will get the FUE hair transplant results you have dreamt of.

When opting for hair transplantation at Surgery TR, you will get a range of advantages:

  • no visible scars on donor and receiving areas;
  • healthy hair due to natural follicle units;
  • fast recovery that will take no longer than a couple of weeks;
  • no surgery-related damage to the body;
  • painless treatment with the use of local anesthesia.

Make an appointment with the most qualified doctors in Turkey for hair transplant (before and after photos are included). We will make your appearance the way you want it to be!
Surgery TR clinics offer FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey. Istanbul and Izmir are the most poupular cities in Turkey for hair transplant.

To have Surgery TR’s hair tranplantation before after pictures, please reach us via e-mail and Whatsapp. For more fue hair transplant before after: and 0090 533 557 5870 (Whatsapp)

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