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Pre and Post-Operative Instructions for FUE Hair Transplant


Pre-Op Instructions for Hair Transplant

Please kindly note that your hair will be shaved to a blade 0 on the day of the procedure

You should stop using Regaine 1 day before

You should stop taking any vitamins and supplements 1 week before the procedure

You should not take any aspirin or painkiller one week before the operation

Do not drink alcohol for 48 hours before your surgery

Stop smoking 1 week before the procedure

You may eat substantial breakfast before the procedure

Mild sedation is given during surgery and it is important you do not drive afterward

You are suggested to take a shower the night before the procedure or the same morning 

You are suggested to wear loose and comfortable clothes

Post-Op Instructions for Hair Transplant

• Elevate your head while sleeping

• Use the suggested lotion and shampoo for 10 days after the procedure

• Use shampoo very gently not to harm the transplanted area for ten days

• After 10 days, you may use normal shampooing and washing regime and hair care

• After 15 days, you may get a haircut, color your hair or use hair products like gels or hair sprays

• Avoid alcohol for 3 days after the procedure

• Don’t smoke for two weeks after the procedure

• Drink plenty of water during this time and eat as normal

• Avoid strenuous physical activity 4 weeks after the procedure; you should avoid gym work, swimming, cycling, tennis, golf, any heavy lifting, strenuous hill walking for 4 weeks after the surgery. Avoid sun exposure for at least 4 months after hair transplant procedure. You may wear a hat until the incisions are healed. Use sunscreen after the incisions are healed for several months.

• Avoid swimming pools with chlorine in the first 14 days but it is safe to swim in the sea in the first 14 days

You need only 2 days in Turkey

Initial Consultation is done via your hair pictures before you come to Turkey.

First Day

  • Welcome meeting at Airport
  • Consultation and blood tests
  • Hair Transplant Operation (6-8 hours, local anesthesia)

Second Day

  • Check-up visit and first hair wash
  • Special care products and post-operation instructions provided
  • Ready to go back home!
  • Drop to Airport
  • We will be in touch to follow up your result!