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Safa Hospital

Since 1999, renovated in 1993, Private SAFA Hospital has been holding services since 1994, continues to provide all health services fully refurbished units. Luxury rooms and suits are available in our hospital. It has 5 large manternity operating rooms, 2 plastic surgery rooms, the latest systems in operating theaters equipped coronary care units servings 24 hours.
Safa Hospital is Istanbul’s one of the most modern health care institution. The hospital it self to be worthy of trust and reputation have been following all the scientific developments and daily health care services carried out with great self-confidence.
High quality cosmetic surgery procedures are performed by expert and experienced surgeons. The team has wide experience in performing procedures for internatinal patients and helping them to improve their appearance at affordable prices. We provide healthcare for the surgical reshaping or augmentation of facial features and breast reduction female-male, the surgical reshaping or augmentation of body proportions, hair transplantation, prostate surgery, penis enlargement surgery, skin resurfacing, facial anti-aging operations, laser based ophthalmological surgical procedures include excimer laser correction surgery and intra-oculay lens implantation divisions and many more.