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What is the latest technique in hair transplant?

Hair loss is always been a big problem which affect the self-reliance and physical experience for many years. People has tried many ways in order to treat hair loss from medications to herbal blends. Since the first hair transplant operation was performed in early 60’s, hair transplant has become revolutionary and only solution for the hair loss problem. It solves the hair loss problem completely and gives the permanent result. With the developments of Medicine and Science and technology, techniques of hair transplant operation has become more efficient, pain free, scarless.

What is FUE?

FUE Hair Transplant operation is getting popular day by day because of its own advantages. On the contrary to, old-fashioned techniques (such as FUT Hair Transplant), FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique offers pain free and scarless process with a permanent result in one day. FUE mean Follicular Unit Extraction. Hair transplant specialists extracts the individual grafts from the back and size of head and transplant them to recipient areas. There is no visible scar or sing of the operation as it’s the latest technique of hair transplantation. The other main advantage of FUE is the possibility of transplanting a large number of grafts in one session, which will give the best density.

What are differences between FUE Techniques?

Nowadays, people who experience hair loss problem can have a very natural result with FUE Hair Transplant technique. The big difference between FUE technique is the medical devices that are performed during the procedure. FUE Hair Transplant can be performed via using different instruments. As a result of this, FUE Hair Transplant was identified with different names.

* Classic FUE

* DHI Technique

* Sapphire FUE

What is DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI (Direct Hair Implants) Hair Transplant is one of the popular FUE techniques which is performed with a special pen called choi pen. The main difference between DHI and the other FUE technique is the grafts transplantation process. Unlike the other technique, there is no incision and canal opening process in DHI Hair Transplant. Grafts are extracted from the donor area are directly planted to the recipient area. After the graft is putted in the pen, specialist directly transplant hair to the concern area by the specialist. By the means of this, canals are exactly the same size of the grafts and there will be a less sign of transplantation and bleeding.

Specialist uses the pen that precise to patients, and a different pen is used for each patient. Smoother recovery and less bleeding operations are the other advantages of DHI hair transplant when taken into consideration the other techniques.

What is Sapphire FUE?

Sapphire FUE technique is the method that follows the same basic things with FUE technique. The only difference in Sapphire FUE is the material that is utilised during the procedure. As its name signifies, specialists uses Sapphire Blades for opening canals. Using of Sapphire blades instead of standard blades, makes canal opening part smoother, decrease the risk of any complications and improve the end-result.

Which FUE Hair Transplant Technique is Best Choice?

Many people ask themselves that should I choose DHI or FUE technique. It’s a tricky question since each technique of FUE hair transplant has pros and cons. Like all treatment techniques, there is no one truth in hair transplant. Each FUE method offers a specific solution for different cases. For instance, while hair restoration surgeon can transplant maximum 2,500 grafts in one session with dhi technique, this number is 5,000 grafts in other FUE techniques. The mentioned number of grafts may not be enough for your case to achieve the best and natural result that you desire. For that reason, you should discuss and find the best treatment technique with the doctor for yourself.

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