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Where is Surgery TR?


Istanbul serving as a bridge connecting Europe and Asia, wait for its guests as being the biggest and most tourist city of Turkey.The beauty of the historical peninsula is very charming for visitors and we must emphasize that Istanbul has a distinct beauty in every season. Surgery TR provides all necessary services for international patients in Istanbul which is one of the main centers for health tourism. All international patients are welcomed at Surgery TR Clinics in Istanbul for affordable and quality treatments in Turkey such as cosmetic surgery (breast implants, liposuction, tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift operations), dental treatments and FUE hair transplant in Turkey.

Izmir, located by the Aegean Sea in the most western part of Turkey, stands out with her modern life. As being the third largest city in Turkey, Izmir has great role in health tourism which is increasing every day. Surgery TR Izmir clinics which host many qualified and experienced doctors are highly preferred by international patients who look for affordable and high-quality treatments in Turkey. At Surgery TR Clinics, patients can get their hair transplantation ( FUE in Izmir) or dental treatments together with many cosmetic surgery operations such as liposuction, breast implant operations, Brazilian Butt Lift ( Fat Transfer to Bum) in Izmir at very cheap prices.