Türkiye'de Akıllı Lens Uygulaması

Smart lens göz refraksiyon kusurlarını düzeltmek, yaşa bağlı görme sorunlarına çözüm bulmak veya başka göz sorunlarına müdahale etmek amacıyla yapılır. Türkiye, özellikle İstanbul, Antalya ve İzmir gibi büyük şehirlerde tedavileri oldukça uygun fiyata, uzman doktorlarımız ve modern yollar ile düzeltilebilir. Eğer kişide katarakt varsa ve katarakt ameliyatı sonrasında hem yakını hem de uzağı gözlüksüz görmek istiyorsa akıllı lens ilk tercihtir. Akıllı mercek, kişinin doğal merceğini çıkardığımız gözdeki aynı yere yerleştirilir.

Öne Çıkanlar

Operasyon yaklaşık 1 ila 3 saat sürer.
Lokal veya genel anestezi altında yapılabilir.
Olası genel yan etkiler morarma, şişme, kanama, enfeksiyon ve göz kuruluğudur.
İyileşme 7 ila 10 gün içinde tamamlanır.
Sonuçlar genellikle 10 ila 20 yıl kadar sürer.

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What is Smart Lens in Turkey?

The smart lens is highly popular for the new era, representing a perfect discovery designed using the latest and best features of technology. It is an excellent step taken to make human life easier and more comfortable. Do you want to take advantage of this significant development to simplify your life? But are you afraid it might be expensive? Now, you don’t need to worry. In Turkey, our expert doctors can perform the surgery successfully at very affordable prices in a short period. Additionally, you can enjoy the beauty of Turkey and have a vacation. Our doctors and advanced technological equipment are ready to welcome you. You can contact us through the Surgerytr website.

How Does Smart Lens Implementation in Turkey?

Before the operation, a preliminary consultation is conducted with the affiliated and expert eye surgeons of Surgery TR. The technique to be used in smart lens surgery is determined. The duration of the surgery will be approximately 10 minutes on average. Depending on the preference of the doctor and the patient, it is usually an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. Special eye drops are provided by the surgeon after laser eye surgery. It is crucial to follow the instructions for these medications. The procedure is painless and without discomfort. The surgery takes about 5 minutes per eye. During the surgery, your surgeon will ask you to lie on your back, and then they will instill topical eye drops for numbness. After the eye drops, the area around your eyes will be washed and cleaned by the surgeon, and they may also provide you with some sedatives for relaxation during the surgery. At the end of the operation, the patient can go home. The eye will need to remain bandaged until the next morning. The patient can continue with their daily activities throughout the day.

What are the Benefits of Smart Lens in Turkey?

Smart lens can provide lifelong benefits and preserve your vision in the long term. The smart lens is the fastest platform in the market. Some of the benefits of eye surgery in Turkey include: Smart lens is a quick procedure, taking only 5 minutes per eye.In Turkey, we pick you up from your hotel and take you to our state-of-the-art hospitals. Our affordable packages include all your hotel accommodations, travels, private nursing support, and much more. After the surgery, you won’t need glasses or contact lenses anymore. There is no significant risk of serious eye infection in the future. Your vision quality will improve after the procedure, making your life much easier. Feel free to contact us for more information and to explore the advantages of smart lens surgery in Turkey.

How Does Care and Recovery Happen After Smart Lens in Turkey?

Smart lens postoperative care is not a lengthy process; it requires adherence to the surgeon’s instructions. After the operation, the patient should rest for a couple of hours. In the first few weeks, many patients will notice an improvement in their vision, which will continue to enhance over time. If it is necessary to go outside 2 days after the procedure, wearing sunglasses is advisable. Lastly, during the recovery period, one should avoid bending the head forward and lifting heavy objects.
2-4 weeks: It is likely that your eyes will fully recover by the second week. Continue using your medications. You can resume your daily activities.

Post Operative Instructions

You should go for regular check-ups within the first 24 to 48 hours after the surgery.
After the operation, your doctor may give you eye drops to prevent infection. You should use it regularly following the required instructions.
You should not wear contact lenses in the operated eye, even if your vision is blurred.
It may take up to 1 month for your vision to stabilize after surgery.
You should not touch your eyes in any way for 1 week after the operation.
For your safety, you should sleep with an eye shield for the first few nights after the surgery.
You should not use any make-up materials and lotions that may come into contact with the eye area for at least 2 weeks.
You should stay away from wet/humid and crowded areas such as the sea, pool, sauna and bath for at least 1 month to avoid any kind of infection.
You should go to all the control appointments on time and continue the process consciously.


Absolutely, it is highly safe. In Turkey, you will receive treatment from professional doctors in the field we have chosen for you.

Out of 100 patients who undergo smart lens implantation, 90% can see distant, near, and intermediate distances without glasses, while 10% may need low-power glasses.

Certainly. Turkey is a highly developed country in the healthcare sector. With Surgery TR, you can access the best doctors and the most suitable treatment.

It may vary according to your doctor’s advice. On average, you can return to work within 2 days.

Smart lenses have two main areas of application. The first is for patients undergoing cataract surgery, and the second is for patients without cataracts who want to see both near and far without glasses.

It is recommended for individuals aged 45 and older. However, it can be recommended at earlier ages based on doctor’s advice.

Smart lenses are made of acrylic and silicone materials, making them usable throughout a person’s lifetime.

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