Breast Reduction is a cosmetic surgery operation that reduces the size of the larger breasts and repositions the nipples. It proportionates the size and shape of the breasts and gives you the most ideal breasts. SurgeryTR, as an awarded company, provides first-class quality Breast Reduction in Turkey by experienced plastic surgeons who have the highest patient satisfaction rate in internationally accredited hospitals.

All you need to do is; share your related pictures for initial assessment, get your customized treatment plan, and fly! You will be welcomed at the airport and accompanied during all your appointments during your stay in Turkey. Surgery TR offers free video consultation to meet with your doctor and get your questions answered directly.

Why SurgeryTR for Breast Reduction in Turkey?

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Breast Reduction Package
in Turkey

£ 3000
  • Initial medication and necessary tests in the hospital
  • Medical Travel Insurance
  • Medical Bra
  • All Your transfers (Airport-Hotel-Airport with VIP Car and local transfers)
  • Hospital Accommodation (1 night)
  • Hotel Accommodation (4 nights in a exclusive hotel, breakfast, and WiFi included)
  • Doctor examination and Check-ups
  • Private Nurse Support (On Request)
  • Patient Host
  • 1 Year Follow-Up

Before / After

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Operation takes around 3-4 hours
It is performed under general anesthesia
One night of stay at the hospital is required after surgery
Possible risks and side effects are unfavorable scarring, bleeding, infection, poor healing, asymmetry, loss of nipple sensation, permanent scar
Recovery starts in 1-2 weeks, completes in 1 month
Results last around ten years depending on the change of weight, pregnancy, age

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What is Breast Reduction In Turkey?

Breast Reduction in Turkey is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of overly large breasts. This procedure removes excess skin, fat and glandular tissue to reduce the overall size, shape and weight of the breasts. Turkey is a popular destination site for those considering breast reduction surgery due to the availability of experienced surgeons, access to advanced technology, and the relatively low cost of services. Additionally, Turkey offers a number of tourist attractions and activities to enjoy during recovery, allowing patients to make the most of their experience. The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia and involves making incisions to remove excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue from the breasts. After the surgery, the breasts will be smaller, shaped differently and may have a more lifted appearance. Recovery time varies, but typically involves some swelling, bruising, and soreness for several weeks.

How to Determine the Right Breast Size and Shape

The right breast size and shape is a personal decision, and what may be right for one person may not be right for another. It is important to talk to your doctor about your individual goals and expectations to ensure that you make an informed decision. During the consultation, your doctor will examine your breasts and discuss your desired outcome. They may also take measurements of your chest and breasts to determine the appropriate size and shape for your body.

Breast reduction, also called mammoplasty, is a plastic surgery operation that aims to reduce the size, volume and weight of the breasts. Every woman’s breast size is different. The reason for this is hormones, genetic factors, weight gain and loss process.

As the breasts grow, they cannot resist gravity and begin to sag. Afterwards, it brings with it some problems such as chronic back pain, neck pain, poor posture and excessive sweating. Large and drooping breasts also cause emotional problems such as low self-esteem and insecurity. Breast reduction surgery is one of the most popular aesthetic operations all over the world; Every year, approximately 700,000 women undergo this procedure to reduce and shape their breasts.

Common Types of Breast Reduction

This technique is commonly used to address issues such as breast hypertrophy (excessive breast size) and sagging breasts while achieving a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing breast appearance. It is performed with two main incisions: one around the pigmented area surrounding the nipple, called areola, and another extending vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the inframammary fold, the crease where the breast meets the chest. The resulting incisions resemble a lollipop shape, as the name suggests.
The Inverted T breast reduction technique involves making three main incisions:

1- Around the areola: A circular incision is made around the pigmented area surrounding the nipple (areola).
2- Vertical incision: A vertical incision extends from the bottom edge of the areola down to the inframammary fold (the crease where the breast meets the chest).
3- Inframammary fold incision: A horizontal incision is made along the inframammary fold.

These three incisions create a pattern that resembles an inverted “T,” which is where the technique gets its name. Through these incisions, excess breast tissue, fat, and skin are removed. The breast is then reshaped, and the nipple-areola complex is repositioned to a higher position on the newly contoured breast mound.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey

Breast Reduction in Turkey has many benefits, including, but not limited to: 
  • – Relief from physical discomfort associated with overly large breasts 
  • – Improved physical appearance 
  • – Improved self-confidence 
  • – Improved posture 
  • – Better fitting clothing. 
Additionally, breast reduction surgery can reduce the risk of medical issues, such as neck, back and shoulder pain, skin irritation, and nerve damage.

Why Breast Reduction with SurgeryTR?

SurgeryTR only works with the most expert and experienced plastic surgeons; continues these studies according to the satisfaction of the patients.

  • National and International Health Accreditation
SurgeryTR is accredited by the TR Ministry of Health and has international health accreditation, which is given only to health institutions with exceptional patient care in Turkey.
  • SurgeryTR Nurse Support
SurgeryTR’s in-house nurse, who knows the relevant foreign languages, meets the medical needs such as dressing, removing drains, helping to take a shower, both in the hospital and in the hotel, from the beginning to the end of the process. Surgery TR Nurse Support can be included in the package depending on the patient’s demand.
  • After-Maintenance Support
SurgeryTR continues to provide care to its patients both in Turkey and after they return.

Breast Reduction in Men: Gynecomastia with SurgeryTR

Breast reduction surgery is not just a procedure performed by women. Mammoplasty is performed as a result of breast enlargement called gynecomastia, which is also seen in men. gynecomastia; Obesity can arise from problems such as genes, hormone imbalance, excessive alcohol consumption and liver problems. Breast reduction surgery is an operation that is also suitable for men who are uncomfortable with the enlargement of their breasts.

Advantages of Breast Reduction in Turkey

Turkey is a popular destination for those considering breast reduction surgery. The advantages of having the procedure performed in Turkey include the availability of experienced surgeons with a reputation for high-quality care, access to advanced technology, and the relatively low cost of services. Additionally, Turkey offers a number of tourist attractions and activities to enjoy during recovery, allowing patients to make the most of their experience.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey?

A suitable candidate for breast lift surgery is someone who:  
  • – Is unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts 
  • – Wishes to restore a more youthful, lifted appearance 
  • – Is in good overall health 
  • – Has realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure 
  • – Understands the potential risks and complications that can occur during and after the procedure.

Things to Consider Before a Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey

There are a few things to consider before undergoing Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey in order to have a satisfying experience, including:

  • – Be at least 18 years old.
  • – Not pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • – Do not smoke for 2 to 6 weeks before surgery.
  • – Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
  • – Do not wear piercings, jewelry, and do not use face cream before entering surgery.
  • – Possibility of temporary loss of sensitivity.
  • – Discuss your medications with your doctor, as some pills can cause surgical complications

Recovery Process After Breast Reduction

The recovery process after breast reduction surgery typically involves the following: 
  • – Wearing a special medical bra to help reduce swelling and provide extra support 
  • – Avoiding strenuous activities and heavy lifting for several weeks after your surgery 
  • – Taking medications to reduce pain and discomfort 
  • – Following your doctor’s instructions carefully to ensure a successful recovery.

Most patients will be able to return to their normal activities within a few weeks after their surgery. However, it is important to note that it can take up to several months to fully recover from the procedure. During this time, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions and take extra care of yourself to ensure a successful recovery.

Why is SurgeryTR Best for Breast Reduction in Turkey?

SurgeryTR prioritizes the satisfaction of all its patients. Having breast reduction surgery with SurgeryTR means having the best quality treatment at low costs and experiencing patient care accredited by international health authorities.

– SurgeryTR’s breast reduction service in Turkey includes:
  • – Qualified and experienced plastic surgeons
  • – State-of-the-art breast reduction surgery
  • – Less costly and all-inclusive breast reduction treatment
  • – Desired breast size and shape

What are the Prices of Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey?

Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey is considerably cheaper than the prices in Europe, UK, and US. The main reason of the price difference is so big is due to differences in labor cost and operating wages. SurgeryTR’s plastic surgeons are well-trained to perform plastic surgeries with great results, with experience in various cases from all over the world. Along with an affordable price, you will also receive excellent treatment from SurgeryTR’s excellent surgeons. Our prices for Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey start from GBP 3.100, which include hotel accommodation, all your transfers, 1 year follow-up, doctor examination and many more. For more information, please contact one of our patient representatives.


Arrival Day 
Meeting with transfer at the airport and transfer to the hotel.

Day 1
Meeting with the patient host at the hotel and transfer to the hospital for the operation.

Day 2
Control and check out from the hospital and transfer to the hotel.

Day 4
Meeting with patient host at the hotel and check up at doctor’s clinic.

Day 5
Check-out from the hotel and transfer to the airport.

Post Operative Instructions

You should use the medical corsets given by your doctor as instructed for a month
After the operation, it is necessary to wait about 2 months for heavy and tiring sports.
To speed up your recovery process, smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped. However, drinking plenty of water and fluids will increase your resistance.
Since the surgical sutures are self-dissolving sutures, there is no need for stitch removal.
You can take light-paced walks 1 week after the operation.
After the operation, your stitches should be protected from the sun and sweat until they dissolve.
You can swim in the pool and sea 1 month after the operation.
After the operation, the body will take its ideal shape in about 6 months.


Healing starts in 1-2 weeks on average and is completed in 1 month. Patients use a medical bra for the first month after the operation.
General anesthesia is applied in breast reduction surgery, so the patient is put to sleep and does not feel any pain or pain.
Breast reduction can be done at any time before or after pregnancy.
Patients who have had breast reduction surgery can return to their working life after 2 weeks on average.
It is possible to breastfeed after breast reduction surgery, though it may be more difficult than before the surgery. This is because the surgery removes some of the milk-producing glands, as well as the nerves that stimulate milk production. To maximize your chances of successfully breastfeeding after the surgery, it is important to discuss your plans with your doctor before the procedure and to follow their instructions carefully.
Yes, there is potential for loss of sensation in the breast after breast reduction surgery due to disruption of nerves and other tissues during the procedure. This can lead to a temporary or permanent loss of sensation, and your doctor should discuss this risk with you prior to the procedure.
Yes, there will be scarring after breast reduction surgery. The type, size and visibility of the scars will depend on the type of incisions made during the procedure. Your doctor should discuss the potential for scarring with you before the surgery, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to have the procedure.
You should be at least 18 years old before a Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey, since your body might still be developing,however, a doctor can accept younger patients on a case-to-case basis.
The results of breast reduction surgery typically last for many years. However, it is important to note that the breasts may change over time due to aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy. To maintain the results of your surgery, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions for aftercare and to make healthy lifestyle choices.
Yes, it is possible to combine breast reduction surgery with other cosmetic procedures. This can include tummy tuck, liposuction, or breast augmentation. Your doctor should be able to discuss the options with you and help you decide if combining procedures is the right choice for you.
The healing process after breast reduction surgery typically takes several weeks. Swelling, bruising, and soreness is common, and it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and wear a supportive bra or garment during the initial recovery period.
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