Hair Transplant in Turkey

What is Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Hair Transplant in Turkey is a surgical operation done on the scalp to restore hair on balding areas of the scalp, transferring healthy hair follicles on the same scalp. It is generally performed by taking hair follicles from the donor area, which is mostly the back of the head, to the balding or thinning recipient area.

Which Hair Transplant is Best in Turkey?

FUE method provides more successful results, and is widely preferred in Turkey. It has a 90-95% success rate, depending on the patient and the treatment process. FUE method also has a faster recovery process, lasting results and high satisfaction rate. In addition, it is a painless operation and does not leave any scars.

Types of Hair Transplant in Turkey?

There are a few techniques of hair transplantation, which are FUE, DHI, Sapphire FUE and Afro Hair Transplant. The difference among these methods are the application ways and processes. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is applied by extracting healthy hair follicles from the back of the head, without damaging the backside, and transplanting them; whereas, DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is performed with a special surgical pen called DHI Implanter or CHOI Pen, transplanting the grafts taken from the skin one by one. The only difference between Sapphire FUE and FUE is the use of blades made of sapphire in the Sapphire FUE method. Afro Hair Transplant, on the other hand, is not actually different from the other methods, and the FUE method is mostly preferred for Afro Hair Transplant. Even though it is generally performed on men, women can also be candidates for Hair Transplant operation.

Is Turkey Good for Hair Transplants?

Turkey has become the most successful and preferred country in terms of Hair Transplant operations with its skilled surgeons and up-to-date, high technology Hair Transplant methods beside the budget-friendly prices. Therefore, we can consider Turkey the best country for Hair Transplant.

Is Hair Transplant Safe and Permanent?

As long as you are a suitable candidate, the hair transplanted on your scalp will be permanent and healthy since the follicles are taken from the donor area of your own scalp. When you follow your doctor’s instructions and suggestions after the operation, the recovery process will be much easier and faster, as well. Moreover, as it is a painless operation, does not require general anesthesia, and your own hair follicles are transferred into the balding area, it is completely safe.

How Much Does a Full Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

Turkey is mostly known for its affordable yet high-quality operation opportunities. It is 80% cheaper to have hair transplant done in Turkey than it is in the UK. With all-inclusive packages starting from GBP 1300, you can start your process very easily.

Why is Turkey Number 1 in Hair Transplant?

Turkey is the best country in terms of Hair Transplant for several reasons. For instance, Turkish surgeons are quite skilled and expert in their field. They decide on the best treatment process according to their patients’ needs. Moreover, the treatment packages include your whole operation process, transfers, accommodation etc., and are still very affordable. Also, besides your operation, you can have a holiday here in Turkey since the country has many beautiful touristic places to visit.

Which City in Turkey is Best for Hair Transplant?

Turkey’s top best clinics are mainly located in Istanbul and Izmir. Since Istanbul is a metropolis, there are lots of accommodation and hospital opportunities. Izmir, on the other hand, is the third largest city of Turkey. In both cities, there are many expert and skilled doctors, as well. Whichever you choose, you will be provided with high-quality, all-inclusive treatment plans with budget-friendly prices.

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Two-night stay in Turkey is mostly required.
The success rate of Hair Transplant in Turkey is approximately between 90-95%, with a quite high satisfaction rate.
Turkey is the number one country in terms of Hair Transplant operations, which means that it is highly preferred and the Turkish surgeons are significantly successful. That is why it is completely safe and trustworthy to have hair transplantation done in Turkey.
Transplanted grafts take some time to become permanent, and this process may last for 7-10 days. When they become permanent, it is safe to wear a hat after the operation. However, some doctors may recommend waiting for 3 weeks before using a hat.
During the aftercare process, the first 7-10 days are important. Primarily, you must follow your doctor’s aftercare instructions and suggestions for a better and faster recovery process.
Hair transplantation is a painless and scarless operation.
It is recommended to wait for at least a month before cutting the transplanted hair since it needs to become permanent for better results.
In the first two weeks of the procedure, you should lay on your back, facing up in order not to damage newly-transplanted hair follicles. After two weeks you can sleep as usual as the follicles will be secure.
In the first week following the procedure, the patients should not engage in physical activities like sports, swimming etc. to prevent the scalp from getting wet. Smoking and consuming alcohol should also be avoided for a month after the operation.
For 48 hours after the operation, you should not take a shower. After the third day, you may take a gentle shower, without rubbing your scalp too harshly and without applying the shampoo directly on the scalp.
Caffeine consumption is not recommended for a week after the operation, just like nicotine or alcohol consumption.
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