Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery in Turkey aims to eliminate the vision problem by reshaping the corneas. If you are bored with your glasses or lenses, you can contact the experienced and contracted surgeons of Surgery TR right away to get maximum results from the laser operation. SurgeryTR, as an awarded company, provides first-class quality Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey by experienced surgeons who have the highest patient satisfaction rate in internationally accredited hospitals.

All you need to do is; share your medical report, get your customized treatment plan, and fly! You will be welcomed at the airport and accompanied during all your appointments during your stay in Turkey. Surgery TR offers free video consultation to meet with your doctor and get your questions answered directly.

Why SurgeryTR for Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey?

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Before - After

Before - After


Operation takes 1 to 3 hours
It can be performed under local or general anesthesia
General side effects are bruising, swelling, bleeding, infection and dry eyes
Recovery completes in 7 to 10 days
Results usually last from 10 to 20 years

🏅98% Satisfaction

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What is Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey?

LASIK is a surgical procedure which reduces a person’s dependency on glasses or contact lenses. In Turkey with SurgeryTR you are at the right place to have this operation, because we have the highest quality hospitals.

In this operation, your shape of the cornea will permanently change. It will only take 15 minutes per eye.  In laser eye surgery, it is aimed to correct diopter values ​​with an excimer laser in order to treat visual impairment.

During the operation, the layer on the surface of the cornea is pulled aside; then properly placed back. However, there are two different methods within the scope of laser eye surgery: LASIK and PRK Wavefront.

Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey with Surgery TR

The eyes are perhaps the most valuable organ to have. Visual impairments are among the problems that need to be corrected as soon as possible. Leaving vision treatment to inexperienced and unspecialized surgeons can lead to irreversible bad results.

Surgery TR provides high-quality and precise laser eye surgery services under the leadership of Turkey’s leading eye surgeons. In addition, Surgery TR offers permanent eye treatment surgery to its patients at affordable prices.

  • State-of-the-art laser surgery equipment approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).
  • Experienced and multilingual healthcare team
  • Hygienic and accommodation service
  • 100% satisfaction.
  • Routine checks before and after surgery
  • Improved and corrected vision
  • Career opportunities
  • Goodbye to glasses and contact lenses
  • No itching and dryness

How does Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey Work?

Before the operation, a preliminary interview is made with the contracted, and expert eye surgeons of Surgery TR. The technique being used in laser eye surgery is determined. The duration of the surgery will take an average of 30 minutes. According to the preference of the doctor and the patient, it is usually an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. After Laser eye surgery, special eye drops are given by the surgeon. It is extremely important to follow the instructions for these drugs. The surgery takes about 15 minutes per eye. During the surgery your surgeon will ask you to lay on your back and then he or she will drop topical eye drops to your eye for numbness. After the eye drop, around your eyes will be washed and cleaned by the surgeon, they can also give you some sedatives for you to relax during the operation. At the end of the operation, you will no longer use glasses or contact lenses. 

Types of Laser Eye Surgery

There are a couple of methods for Laser Eye Surgery,  these are LASEK, LASIK, and PRK for correcting vision problem and all these three types shapes the cornea. You can get the evaluation of SurgeryTR’s experienced ophthalmologists to choose the most suitable method for you.

The most common type is LASIK;

 Which treats myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The goal in this type is to reshape the cornea to correct the refractive error of the eye. At the end of the procedure, the light rays can be focused properly onto the retina for clearer vision. 

Another type is LASEK;

LASIK is not a good choice if you have thin corneas. LASEK was developed to give a similar result, without exposing thin corneas to the damage they might sustain during LASIK.

Last one is PRK;

 PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) is also a preferable option for the treatment of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. The healing process may take longer than the LASIK in PRK treatment but the results would be the same.

Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey

Laser eye surgery can create lifetime benefits and protect your vision in the long run.Laser is the fastest platform on the market. Some of the benefits of eye surgery in Turkey are;

Laser eye surgery is a fast operation that only takes 15 minutes per eye.
In Turkey, we will take you from your hotel and then we will bring you to our last technology hospitals,

Our affordable packages include all of your hotel accommodation, travels, private nurse support and many more.

At the end of the surgery, you will not wear glasses, contact lenses anymore.

There is no future risk of serious eye infections,
Your vision quality will be increased at the end of the procedure.

Who is Good Candidate for Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey

If you are not certain about the laser eye surgery in Turkey, there are some factors before your decision. In the below you can see the factors for you to decide whether you are a good candidate for the operation or not:

Most important factor for the laser eye surgery is; your eyes must be healthy, and also your cornea must be healthy,
You must be 18 or over,
Your eyes shouldn’t be dry,
You shouldn’t be pregnant,
If your expectation is improved vision, you can have this surgery.

Why you should choose Turkey for Laser Eye Surgery

In Turkey, with SurgeryTR we offer you the latest technology in the best hospitals in Turkey, also there are other factors;

  • High standards and expert surgeons,
  • Turkey is one of the best countries in laser eye surgery,
  • Turkey is cheaper than other countries when we compared with USA, Spain or UK,
  • Free consultation before coming to the country,
  • One year follow up after the surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare and Recovery in Turkey

Laser eye surgery after care is not a very long procedure, you must follow the surgeon’s instructions. 

First weeks:
Many patients will see that their eyesight vision has improved after the first week. You should take all of your medications and you should avoid all strenuous activities for a week. You can return to your work after the first week. 

2-4 weeks:
Your eyes are probably healed in the second week. Use your medications. You can return to your daily life. 

3 months and more:
You must protect your eyes from the dirt and anything that could cause infection. If you have any questions about the aftercare and recovery process, you can contact us.

Post Operative Instructions

You should go for regular check-ups within the first 24 to 48 hours after the surgery.
After the operation, your doctor may give you eye drops to prevent infection. You should use it regularly following the required instructions.
You should not wear contact lenses in the operated eye, even if your vision is blurred.
It may take up to 1 month for your vision to stabilize after surgery.
You should not touch your eyes in any way for 1 week after the operation.
For your safety, you should sleep with an eye shield for the first few nights after the surgery.
You should not use any make-up materials and lotions that may come into contact with the eye area for at least 2 weeks.
You should stay away from wet/humid and crowded areas such as the sea, pool, sauna and bath for at least 1 month to avoid any kind of infection.
You should avoid heavy, tiring and high-impact activities and exercises for several weeks.
You should go to all the control appointments on time and continue the process consciously.


It is forbidden to apply make-up, cream, and lotion to your face on the day of Lasek eye surgery. In addition, existing piercings must be removed.
You can return to your routine life about one week after laser eye surgery.
It is laser eye surgery; It is possible to use cosmetic contact lenses after a few months.
Having laser eye surgery in Turkey with SurgeryTR is almost 50% more cost-effective than in England, America, and European countries.
Yes, laser eye surgery can fix astigmatism.
No, laser eye surgeries are not painful, since you will be given numbing eye drops before the surgery.
Yes, Laser Eye Surgery lasts forever. LASIK permanently reshapes eye shape, however it will not protect you from the effects of old age, such as reading glasses and cataracts. 
Generally, the recovery period is 24-48 hours for most people. Some people may experience mild discomfort and blurred vision for up to a week after the surgery.
LASIK can correct nearsightedness(myopia), farsightedness(hyperopia), and astigmatism.
People with certain medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and certain eye conditions like glaucoma and cataracts are not suitable candidates for a LASIK surgery. Additionally, pregnant or nursing women should not have LASIK surgery.
Recommended eyesight for LASIK is -11.00 for nearsightedness, +5 for farsightedness and +5 astigmatism.
General anesthesia is not applied during Laser Eye Surgery.
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