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Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey


Get Brazilian butt lift in Turkey and pay five times less than at home

bbl recovery - brazilian butt lift

Brazilian Butt Lift which over the recent years has become incredibly in demand in Europe and America is one of the most popular treatments performed in Turkey. The procedure attracts the attention of many young people, especially from England. BBL is performed by injecting the fat extracted with liposuction into the buttock area by the BBL Turkey doctors. As a result, the fat from different parts of the body such as abdomen, waist, and back area is transferred into buttocks or hips to achieve an uplift effect.

With its high standards, innovative technologies, and experienced doctors, Turkey ranks very high in the cosmetic surgery sector. Due to this, Turkey has become a popular destination for Brazilian butt lift operations. Every day, dozens of people come to our country to have a Brazilian buttock lift in Istanbul. Thanks to experienced doctors, international patients achieve amazing results and return to their country 100% satisfied.

Why you should get Brazilian butt lift in Turkey

Turkey is one of the safest and most reliable destinations for Brazilian butt lift operations as it offers a winning combination of high-quality services and reasonable prices to people from foreign countries looking to get the procedure abroad. International patients who have to pay up to five times more for the same operation in their home countries gladly take advantage of low prices on Brazilian buttock lift in Istanbul.

One of the best clinics in Istanbul is Surgery TR. We offer special service packages to foreign patients who decided to undergo a Brazilian butt lift in Turkey. They include a plane ticket, four or five-star hotel accommodation, airport and local transfer in VIP cars, English speaking host, etc. Brazilian buttock lift packages include quality and affordable services that satisfy international patients. Highly qualified doctors and affordable prices encourage happy patients to recommend Surgery TR clinic to their friends and relatives.

After Istanbul, the second most popular destination for cheap Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is Izmir. It offers not only expert doctors who specialize in cosmetic surgeries but also comfortable accommodations for international patients. Surgery TR maintains a close partnership with first-rate hospitals and hotels in Istanbul and Izmir. To get your Brazilian butt lift package from Surgery TR and benefit from the low prices, please contact our professional team.

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• Brazilian Butt Lift – (Fat Transfer) Operation
• Initial medication and necessary tests in the hospital
• Compression Garment
• All Your transfers (Airport-Hotel-Airport with VIP Car and local transfer expenses)
• Round Trip Flight Ticket
• Hotel Accommodation (4 nights, single room in a 5-star hotel)
• Hospital Accommodation (1 night)
• Lab analysis
• Doctor Examination
• Check-ups
• English Speaking Patient Assistant

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Brazilian Buttock Lift Turkey

Butt Lift is a specialized procedure that augments the size and shape of buttocks. And, doing it with fat transfer has been ranked one of the most popular operations in many countries.

Thus, Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey is named a leading brand among the plastic surgeries, too. And, it has also become a very common procedure for Turkish people. Doctors gain experiece by doing numerous jobs besides the cheap BBL surgery prices leads Turkey to come to the forefront in the competition.

BBL Turkey cost is very affordable compared to other countries, so it definitely attracts people to join the Bum Lift Turkey journey. And, 99%
of foreign patients go back to their countries with satisfactory results. That increases thenumber of patients who visit Turkey, day by day.

Surgery TR makes the best deals with the surgeons who have become specialized in BBL. And, offers the patients the affordable price and the best quality at the same time. Surgery TR is proceeding its services in the best manner in their BBL Clinic Izmir and BBL Clinic Istanbul.

How soon can I sit after bbl?

You need to use a bbl pillow after one month from the BBL surgery. Your butt area should be in a gap to get rid of any pressure.

When can I wear jeans after bbl?

Jeans can be worn one months later. After the BBL operation, Surgery TR doctors don’t recommend extra skinny jeans for two months.

How to get a Brazilian butt lift?

There are two ways for the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Firstly, fat injection is the most popular way for this treatment. The second way is butt implant. With these two treatments, you will have a bigger butt in Turkey. 

When can I stop using BBL pillow?

You may stop using a BBL pillow one month later from the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

Why do people choose Turkey for Brazilian butt lift?

In Turkey, doctors and hospital staff are very qualified. They are working with many patients from different countries. Because of that many patients prefer Turkey for their Butt Lift surgery. Beside the experiences of staff, clinics offer very affordable prices for the international patients.

What are the side effects of fat transfer?

There is no side effect after the fat transfer surgery. If there is an infection as a complication, doctors will be recommending required antibiotics for you. Surgery TR works with qualified staff and doctors to minimize this problem. 

How much body fat do you need for fat transfer?

It depends on the amount of fat we need and also it depends on to which area the fat transfer is done and how much fat that area needs. 

How long will fat transfer last?

Up to 50% of transferred fat might be absorbed by the body in time. The rest will remain permanent.