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A smile is one of the most powerful weapons in the world. It can instantly establish a connection between two people before they even utter a word. Those who smile a lot are perceived as honest and friendly by others. A beautiful smile is also associated with success. Remember celebrities, flashing their mega-watt grins and exuding confidence on the red carpet? No, they are not all genetically blessed with perfect teeth. Most of them had a lot of dental work done to achieve this result. But if you think that getting front teeth veneers is too expensive, we have some good news for you: there is no need to spend a fortune on fixing your teeth anymore! Medical tourism allows you to access the best specialists at the lowest possible price. Thousands of international patients come to get dental veneers in Turkey every year and leave our clinic with a Hollywood smile of their dreams. Would you like to be one of them? Contact us right now and schedule your appointment!

Are front teeth veneers the right solution for me?

Porcelain veneers can be used to fix the following dental problems:

  • Discoloration
  • Worn down teeth
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Misalignment, unevenness, irregular shape
  • Teeth gaps

Surgery TR clinic offers porcelain veneers in Istanbul and Izmir. We have great packages for international patients that include flight tickets, VIP transfer, accommodation in a 5-star hotel, an English-speaking assistant, lab analysis, a dental treatment, and a few check-ups after the procedure to make sure your veneers are secure. We take excellent care of our patients and are available to them 24/7. Whatever you need – we are at your service!

How much are veneers in Turkey?

Thanks to premium-quality service, top doctors, modern equipment, and low prices, patients from all over the world choose Surgery TR to fix their dental issues. The exact cost of teeth veneers in Turkey depends on the current state of your teeth and the complexity of your problem. Click on the icon in the lower right corner to open a live chat. Our customer manager will give you more detailed information about the prices based on your particular case. Save up to 80% by getting your dental treatment in Turkey!


Dental Veneers Treatment in Turkey Medical Travel Package includes,

• Dental Treatment
• Initial medication and necessary tests in the hospital
• All Your transfers (Airport-Hotel-Airport with VIP Car and local transfer expenses)
• Round Trip Flight Ticket
• Hotel Accommodation
• Lab analysis
• Doctor Examination
• Check-ups
• English Speaking Patient Assistant

Accommodation at 4-5 star hotels: We will organize your accommodation from a range of hotels in the area, which is very close to our hospital and the center of Istanbul or Izmir.  Your accommodation is a single room and includes breakfast and wi-fi.

Transfers: We will provide your airport transfers with VIP private transfer cars. Since the hotels are very close to the hospital, many patients choose to use local taxis for transfers required for their treatment and doctor appointments in the city.

Patient services: You may reach your patient representative 7/24 to ease your mind. We will also follow you up after you return back home.

download         Benefits of porcelain veneers:

  • Strengthens your teeth
  • Provides a long-lasting solution
  • Natural-looking results
  • Customised for your smile
  • Quick and straightforward
  • Provides stain resistance
  • Can combine with other treatments

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You may also reach us via or use our UK number; 0044 20 3289 7969