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Surgery TR, one of the leading companies in the sector

Surgery TR maintains all its services under the understanding of high quality, reliability, and excellent service in Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya (Turkey) as a medical travel company since 2016. As a matter of fact, Surgery TR, working with contracted doctors with professional and foreign professional experience, is proud of being recognized as one of the leading companies in the sector in terms of patient satisfaction.
Surgery TR offers hair transplantation, weight loss surgery, eye surgery, dental treatments, and cosmetic surgeries (breast enlargement, breast uplift, breast reduction, rhinoplasty – nose job, facelift, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, and more.) treatments in Turkey.

Surgery TR provides all-inclusive packages for anybody who is willing to travel to Turkey for medical purposes. Packages include medical treatment, medication, accommodation, all transfers, and translation services.

Surgery TR provides free video and in-person consultation for every treatment option. Thanks to the best-trained doctors, who explain all the details of the treatment to the patient and do the best work, no patient will have difficulty with language. (SurgeryTR’s contracted doctors and the advisory staff speak English and Spanish fluently.)

Surgery TR is proud to be a leading company in its sector, hosting thousands of patients from all over the world (from England, USA, other EU Countries, Asia, Middle East) to Turkey since 2016. Offering state-of-the-art devices and modern treatments at a fixed and affordable price, without any extra cost, in ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGES, SurgeryTR places the well-being and satisfaction of its patients above all else.

The company has an A-type travel agency and Ministry of Health-approved authorization documents. It provides the comfort of its patients with reliability, has all legal permits, and affordable treatment options. The Surgery TR team stands by the patient at all stages, from free consultation to the post-operative guidance period.


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Haır Transplant


Weıght Loss Surgery


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The main purpose of Surgery TR; Being the only address in the field of surgical healthcare by treating all patients coming to Turkey from different parts of the world with professional surgeons, an excellent healthcare team, and affordable healthcare packages, is to sit at the top.


Making it its mission to provide medical health services under the right and quality conditions, SurgeryTR aims to get the best results by choosing the best health personnel for the treatment of its patients.

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Çerez Tercihleri
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Hi, How may I help you? 😊