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Male Breast Reduction

contact formMale Breast Reduction GynecomastiaGynecomastia in Turkey also known as male breast reduction is a procedure to correct oversized and enlarged breasts of men. Affordable gynecomastia operations in Istanbul and Izmir are applied by our expert doctors.

Hormonal changes, heredity conditions, disease or some medications can lead to oversized breasts. This may cause stress or loss of self-confidence on men. Male breast reduction Turkey procedure is performed to remove excessive fat or breast tissue (like female). The excessive fat is able to be removed by liposuction. If there is excessive breast tissue together with excessive fat, doctors usually use incision as well.

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Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey Medical Travel Package includes,

• Male Breast Reduction Operation
• Initial medication and necessary tests in the hospital
• All Your transfers (Airport-Hotel-Airport with VIP Car and additional transfer expenses to reach Doctor’s meeting for check-ups)
• Round Trip Flight Ticket
• Hotel Accommodation (3 nights, single room in a 5-star hotel)
• Hospital Accommodation (1 night)
• Compression Garment
• Lab analysis
• Doctor Examination
• Check-ups
• English Speaking Patient Assistant

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    How many hours does it take?

    Operation takes around 2 hours

  • 2

    Is it performed local or general anesthesia?

    Gynecomastia operation is performed under general anesthesia

  • 3

    How many days should I stay at hospital?

    One night of stay at hospital is required after Male Breast Surgery

  • 4

    Are there any risk after Male Breast Reduction operation?

    Possible risks and side effects are unfavorable scarring, bleeding, infection, pain.

  • 5

    When will I recover? Is result permanent?

    Recovery starts in 1-2 weeks, completes in 1 month. Results last depending on the change of weight and hormones

When can I go back to work?

You may go back to work in one week but avoid heavy activity for one month. Full recovery occurs in 6 weeks for Gynecomastia.

Will I wear any garment after the surgery?

You should wear compression garment for one month after surgery.

Will I experience the same problem again even after the surgery?

If you gain too much weight or have hormonal problems, you may have the same problem but it will not be as it used to be since most of the fat cells will be taken during the surgery.

More questions and answers for male breast reduction operation

How to get insurance to cover male breast reduction ?
There are different rules among the countries for the health insuarance. For a correct information, please contact us Surgery TR team.

Is male breast reduction safe ?
Gynecomastia is an easy procedure. You should prefer an experienced plastic surgeon for your male breast reduction.

What is male breast reduction ?
Gynecomastia is a surgical procedure in which excess skin is removed in men, in cases of breast formation similar to women, in very advanced stages when the fat in the breast is removed.