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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the dream of so many. The areas of their bodies that they are not happy with get reshaped in plastic surgeons’ hands. Studies in recent years demonstrate us both face and body aesthetics have been increasing. People can make that decision of their lives much more easily with references they get from the people they are close or
who have had this experience before.

Plastic surgery is so common everywhere in any country from now on. Though there are many plastic surgeons who do their jobs successfully, Turkish surgeons have become way experienced in this cosmetic surgery field. Through the patients coming to Turkey to have their cosmetic surgeries, hundreds of operations are done everyday. That popularity makes Turkish surgeons much more advanced and experienced day by day.

How much do Plastic Surgery Packages cost in Turkey?

Plastic surgery is done on very good conditions and reasonable prices in Turkey. Patients coming from abroad have a good opportunity of paying less compared to their countries or any other in Europe. Besides the surgeons that are very good at their jobs, the hospitals with high-quality services makes patient satisfaction rates higher. While the cosmetic surgery prices are already affordable, the all inclusive package offers are good supports to make it more attractive.

Surgery TR, which has a health tourism authorization certificate by Ministry of Health, also offers the best opportunities. Surgery TR, as a plastic surgery clinic, collaborates with the top-class surgeons. Surgery TR, which always offers campaigned prices for many treatments such as, Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Rhinoplasty, Breast Enlargement etc, customizes treatment plans to their patients. Surgery TR is aware of how important plastic surgery is to people, so they oftenly leads the patients by video consultations.

Surgery TR provides plastic surgery in Izmir and in Istanbul

Surgery TR serves to their patients in Izmir and Istanbul Plastic Surgery Clinics . This is an advantage for the patients to choose the city they would like to visit for their surgeries. Both clinic offers affordable prices.

Quality of service is also very important even after the treatment. From the moment you want to get information about plastic surgery in Turkey, the patient representative starts to assisst you. On the day you have the operation and afterwards, you do not feel lonely. The patient representative, who is available to answer any questions you would like to ask, will be with you after your surgery either.

If you want to know more about cosmetic surgery prices or treatment plans, you can send an e-mail to or you can contact us through 0090 533 557 5870 on Whatsapp