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Where to Get Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Hair transplant in Turkey is the most popular treatment for international patients. Thousands of people choose Turkey for their hair treatment. Before the operation, the patients would like to make a good choice because they don’t want to face with a health problem. To demand to see the hair transplant patients’ before after photos from the clinics, read the commentary of the real patients and get information about the doctors and hair transplant operation team are really helpful for you.

Hair transplantation in Turkey

Generally, most of the patients want to see so much hair transplant before and after pictures before they make a decision to have an idea of the work. The hair implants before after pictures make them feel more comfortable. If a clinic has some great before after pictures for the hair transplant operation, it would be a great choice for the foreign patients. Patients have to take into consideration the photos of the patients who had hair transplant surgery done in Turkey because there might be the same case among patients. In addition, it is really important to distinguish fake photos from others. 

Besides hair implants before and after pictures, patient reviews are significant for decision making. Hair Transplant Turkey reviews will be the best guide for clinic choice. Even though there are many hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, unfortunately, very few of them have great quality. This causes to have difficult situation for patients that want hair transplant treatment. Patients specifically read the comments of the patients that had hair transplant operation.Of course, it should be remembered that all patients have different body type and genotype.

How much is a hair transplant is the most popular question for the operation. Everybody wonders the package prices of the hair transplant in Turkey. In general, prices are cheaper than any European countries but the patients should find qualified hands in considering their health. FUE Hair Transplant medical travel packages are less expensive in Turkey in comparison with the hair transplant the UK cost. The prices of hair transplant are very changeable in Turkey. To achieve better hair transplantation, patients should research the quality of doctors and operation team apart from the price.

Izmir and Istanbul are the best cities for the hair transplant

Patients from the UK and other European countries usually choose Istanbul and Izmir for their FUE hair transplant operations. Both of these cities have very good clinics and offer affordable prices. There are many direct flights from Europe to Istanbul and Izmir. Another advantage is Izmir and Istanbul have great tourist attractions for foreign patients. Thanks to this, the hair transplant treatment becomes a travel. These two cities are not only unique in every season but also have great qualified team to achieve the best result.

If you decide to get your hair transplant operation in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact with Surgery TR team. Surgery TR has wonderful medical travel packages for the hair transplant. Surgery TR that have great qualified and well-experienced hair transplantation specialists accompany with you all stages including accommodations and transfers.