What You Should Know Before Having a Facelift

Facelift is an operation that reduces the signs of aging on the face and allows you to have a more aesthetic facial appearance. There are some factors that you have to check before having this operation. You should know the types of facelifts according to your face to discuss the right operation with your doctor. The doctor explains to the patient how to make corrections in which areas of the face. Facelift surgery generally takes 3-4 hours. After the surgery, the patient usually stays in the hospital for one night. After the operation, the face should be protected from the sun for a certain period of time. It is normal to see bruising and swelling on the face at first. The recovery time of bruising and swelling varies from patient to patient. In general, after a month, bruises and swelling begin to gradually decrease and the change in the face begins to be noticed. The results of facelift surgery are usually long-term and permanent. You should avoid strict alcohol and smoking consumption after surgery. You should avoid heavy exercises for the first few weeks after surgery. With the face lift operation, you can reduce the signs of aging and you can have an aesthetic facial appearance.

Which Country is Best for Face Surgery?

Turkey is the best place for face surgery as you will pay less than the other countries also it is safer and Turkey has best surgeons. Medical industry is very popular right now in Turkey, you will have a chance to explore the beauties of Turkey. You will have your operation in a newly made hospitals with best nurses and best surgeons. After your operation you will have a chance to stay in five star hotels. Finally, we are offering you all-inclusive packages in these packages. You can contact us to learn about the details of the packages.

Is Turkey Good for Face Lift?

Yes, Turkey is the best place to do face lift. There are many reasons behind that. Firstly, the price in Turkey is cheaper than any other countries. You will pay less and get the best operation. To the price that you will pay we include your hotel accommodation, your transfers from the hotel to hospital and hotel to the airport. Also your hospital accomodation is included to this price.

How Much Does Face Lift cost in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best country according to the price. Because we offer you packages and they are affordable than many other countries like UK and Spain. In Spain you can have this operation for 12.000$, In UK this price can reach to 10.000$ but it is cheaper in Turkey, by contact us you can learn the details.

Which Type of Facelift is Best?

It depends on patient to patient. The doctor will decide the facelift type for you. Before the operation, doctor examines the face and decide the best facelift type for patients. Also before you come to Turkey, you can talk to doctor through videocall so you can make sure which facelift you will have.

Mini Facelift

In this technique, which can be preferred in patients with mild to moderate loosening and sagging problems in the jaw line, cheeks and neck region, performing the surgery through a relatively small incision passing through the ear and hairline and including the limited area ensures faster recovery after surgery. This technique gives very good results especially in the periods when the signs of aging begin and at relatively early ages.

Mid Facelift

In this technique, which is especially preferred for sagging in the eye area and cheek area, the facial area is reached with an incision made through the hair in the temple area, and the skin and subcutaneous tissues are released over the facial bones and tension can be achieved in the deep plane. This method is generally preferred in relatively young patients, when signs of aging have just started, and gives very good results.

Deep Plane Facelift

In this technique, ideal results can be obtained in patients over 50 years of age, with significant excess skin and sagging in the face and neck region, while making the incision line within the natural skin folds allows the scar to be hidden.

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