Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Turkey

From the time of its discovery, stem cell therapy has been applied to essential medical procedures. Stem cell hair transplantation is one of the aesthetic uses for it that has been adopted recently. The method of infusing stem cells extracted from the patient’s own tissues into the hair follicles is known as stem cell hair transplantation. The term “autologous micro-graft” refers to this procedure. As a SurgeryTR, we can provide the latest stem cell hair transplant with our highly-rated doctor in Turkey. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Stem Cell Hair transplant?

You should know whether you are a good candidate or not for the stem cell hair transplant. You should know these before coming to Turkey.

If you are suffering from hair loss involving different parts of your body including eyebrows and beards,

Those who fail respond after receiving medical therapy for hair loss.

Those with insufficient donor area,

Those who don’t want any surgical hair transplant.

Also, this method is more sufficient for women. 

For the initial assessment, please share your hair pictures with us so that we can give you details about whether you are a good candidate or not for this operation. 

What are the Advantages of Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Turkey?

You will feel more confident than before, with your new hair you will have more motivation to socialize, and you will feel better.

Stem cell hair transplant is more riskless than other hair transplant methods.

This method has fewer side effects, it is safer because a portion of the hair follicle needs to be extracted, not a significant amount of the scalp.

It is a non-surgical method, it is not like the other methods in hair transplant.

What are the Prices of Stem Cell Hair Transplants in Turkey?

In Turkey, you can have this method of hair transplant with affordable prices, in other countries in the UK, USA and Spain for example prices can be higher. It can go up to £9000, but in Turkey you can have this method with an affordable amount of money, also you can travel around the beautiness and of Turkey before your operaiton. 

How Stem Hair Transplant is Performed in Turkey?

In the operation, your own tissues are used. A needle is used to remove a portion of the hair follicles during the procedure. The follicles are capable of producing new hair. At the end of the operation, your hair will look natural. You can see your final result within nine months. 

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