10 Gifts From Turkey to Your Loved Ones

10 Gifts From Turkey to Your Loved Ones

Turkey is a country that has a common culture with both Europe and the East. Therefore, you can find many different types of gifts to give your loved ones. Some people prefer local foods, some of them prefer traditional items, but it should be known that Turkey is one the of the best shopping destinations for various souvenirs.

1- Turkish Coffee
History of Turkish coffee dates back to the 14th century, and it was first used by the Ottoman court for a long time and has become an indispensable hot drink of the Turkish people.
2-The Evil Eye of Turkey
The Evil Eye, in the other words the Eye of Envy that Turkish people call “Nazar”, is used to be protected from the harm of others.
3-Turkish Delight
Turkish delight, which is called “Lokum” by Turkish people, is a kind of cultural dessert that has a variety of colors and tastes.
4-Turkish Soaps
Turkey has a traditional bathhouse culture which is also called “Hammam”. Therefore, soap, which comprises different colors and scents, has an important role in Turkish culture
5- Turkish Handmade Ceramics
Iznik Tiles is a kind of artwork with a colorful design that is one of the best souvenirs from Turkey. These ceramics can be used in house decorations.
El Yapımı Türk Seramikleri
6- Turkish Towels
Just like Turkish soaps, Turkish Towels are also popular in Turkish culture due to the Hammam tradition. It is famous for its quality and softness.
7- Turkish Tea
Turkish people drink 3 cups of tea on average in a day, and in annual consumption, it has surpassed England and has taken first place. Turkish black tea is a specialized drink for Turkey.
8- Turkish Colorful Lamps
These types of Turkish lamps, which can be used in the living room or in the dining room, have oriental vibes. By buying these lamps, you can bring the Turkish spirit to your home.
9 – Exotic Turkish Spices
Turkish cuisine has one of the most famous dishes in the world. It is because of the different types of spices and flavors that belong to Turkish culture.
10-Turkish Lemon Cologne
Turkish cologne has a great history in Turkish culture. After the Covid virus, its importance has increased due to its protection feature.

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