10 Things to Consider Before BBL Surgery

10 Things to Consider Before BBL Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery is a way of surgical fat transfer for the augmentation of the butt to get a shape. Brazilian Butt Lift operation improves the current appearance of the butt in a natural way. BBL operation is performed by Surgery TR’s highly-rated, contracted doctors with total satisfaction. The first step is the determination of the most suitable area for fat removal. Before the fat transfer, the extra fat that is removed from the body is purified. As the last step, the purified fat is injected into the buttocks and a natural shape occurs.

There are situations that must be taken into consideration before the BBL surgery, as well as after the operation. Paying attention to these points helps the recovery process to be completed in the best and fastest way after the operation. Here are the 10 things to consider before BBL operation:
1- Smoking
It is recommended not to smoke 2 weeks before and a few weeks after the BBL operation. Because smoking can prolong the healing process.

2- Consuming Alcohol
Consuming alcohol should also be stopped to facilitate the healing process. Therefore, a few weeks before and after the BBL surgery, alcohol should not be consumed.

3- Sunbathing
Sunbathing ought to be avoided prior to 2 weeks of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Also, in order to prevent any scars, the patient should not sunbathe for a month.

4- Medications
Medications that contain blood thinners, aspirin, herbal, and vitamin E supplements should be stopped 2 weeks before the BBL surgery in order to avoid excessive bleeding.

5- Exercises
Doing an exercise or going to the gym before the BBL operation is not a problem for the post-operation process. However, for the post-operation term, it should be avoided to lift heavy things for a month.

6- Nutrition
You should regulate your eating habits in order to control blood sugar levels, so you may prefer to consume proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

7- Belongings
In order to have an easy and comfortable journey, you may not prefer to bring heavy and valuable personal belongings with you.

8- Clothes
You should wear comfortable clothes like loose dresses which will let you move freely. Because you may need to change your clothes frequently.

9- Personal Products
You should not put on any deodorant, make-up, perfume, sunscreen, or lotions just before the BBL operation.

10- Bathing
There is no problem with bathing or taking a shower before the surgery, but generally, bathing a day before the surgery is recommended.
Surgery TR provides all-inclusive packages at affordable prices with personalized treatment plans. From first contact to the aftercare process, the whole team works for you to have a smooth process and give all the details you need to know. Surgery TR aftercare team follows up on your recovery process for a year. In this process, you’ll have a chance to ask any questions easily. Additionally, you’ll also get your doctor’s opinion and evaluation of your progress. Contact Us and get your free assessment now!

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