How Should BBL Recovery Time After the Operation?

Nobody can deny that we are in the big bum era. It’s everywhere we see. From celebrities to the fitness person and Instagram influencers… With its rising popularity, Butt Enhancement operations have become one of the most demanded procedures worldwide, and the big bum is now seen as a must-have by many women. Patients are curious about the bbl recovery time after the operation.

Although there are different ways like physical exercises to gain the butt that is desired, many people prefer the surgical procedures because of their advantages. There are two different approaches to the butt enhancement. The first one is butt implant and the second one is fat transfer which is also known as Brazilian Butt Lift. Brazilian Butt Lift has become more popular than the Butt Implants since it gives a very natural result and doesn’t require any foreign materials (such as prosthesis).

What is BBL Operation?

Brazilian butt lift consists of two procedures. First one is liposuction which allows the harvesting of unwanted and stubborn fat from the different parts of the body, whereas the second procedure is lipo filling -also known as fat transfer-. The combination of liposuction and fat transfer makes one able to achieve slimmer body shape together with rounder, bigger buttock shape in a few days. Bbl operation not only enhances the buttocks but also shapes them, and patients achieve the slimmer body figure as they desire.

Recovery of Brazilian Buttock Lift

Another big advantage of having a BBL operation is the smooth recovery period compared to the other surgical procedures (facelift or tummy tuck). After completing the first phase of the BBL recovery check-ups, which take only 4 days, patients should feel comfortable to go back to their jobs and normal lives with no problems or obligations.
Even though there are not too many things patients should pay attention to during the healing process, there are a few things to improve the result and quicken the recovery of the Brazilian Buttock Lift. After the liposuction operation, you may anticipate feeling light discomfort, see swelling and bruising. Prescribed medications can help to ease the discomfort. You will be advised to wear a compression garment for six weeks to help reduce swelling and assist healing. Surviving of transferred fat cells is really important during the bbl surgery recovery time. For that reason, using a special bbl pillow is suggested for the patients.

During the procedure, tiny incisions are made to remove excess fat and transfer the fat to the buttock area. These incisions are very small and create inconspicuous points on the treatment area, so they are barely visible. You will have aftercare instructions explaining the things that should be done regarding minimal scarring by the doctor.

What If You Don’t Have Enough Fat on Your Body?

Each person has a different perception of beauty. While some of us like a natural and curvy bum, some of us like the way Kim Kardashian looks. There are a few things that affect the result of bbl operation, such as body structure, the fat deposit. The result of the bbl operation may vary depending on these things. If you don’t have enough fat tissue for the first session or if you want to have a bigger bum or improve your body shape, Second round bbl is the thing you are looking for. It is the procedure that is exactly the same thing as the first round and can be scheduled anytime after the bbl recovery time is over.

Even though liposuction removes the 90% of fat from the treatment area and the majority of the fat is transferred to the bum area, the remaining fat cells can continue to store fat and grow in time. The following diet and doing regular physical exercises improve the result of the operation and quicken the healing process.

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